Jacqueline Conciatore


Welcome to my Writer's Residence portfolio!

I'm a dedicated writer and editor who has written for high-profile people and organizations including Dr. Jane Goodall, StoryTerrace, and the National Science Foundation. I make complex subjects understandable, using a lively, reader-friendly writing style. I offer creative story lines, top-notch editing skills, and proven success in social media.

Please reach out to me if you need compelling content, quick turnarounds, and an eagle editorial eye. Wide-ranging experience writing for general and specialized audiences.

Recent books include The Muckrakers and Progressive Reformers and Navigating Filter Bubbles (both Cavendish Square Publishing.) Article samples below:

Going tuskless: A brutal outcome of poaching African elephants for their ivory?

AWF May 21st, 2019 Visit the original article online

Geladas: the extraordinary monkeys bringing tourists to Ethiopia

AWF February 22nd, 2019 Visit the original article online

Saving the critically endangered Ethiopian wolf

AWF January 19th, 2019 Visit the original article online

Seismic Risk? Research Addresses Dangers of Older Concrete Buildings in U.S.

Yahoo! News (reprint from LiveScience.com) June 16th, 2015 Article

How Sea Spray Seeds the SKY

Yahoo! News December 1st, 2014 Visit the original article online