Jacqueline Conciatore

Going tuskless: A brutal outcome of poaching African elephants for their ivory?

AWF | May 21st, 2019 | Visit the original article online

The “big tusker” known as Mountain Bull weighed six tons but his size was nothing compared to his stubbornness. Born in Kenya, he was notorious for trampling fields, knocking down fences, and raiding crops as he traveled along age-old migration routes.

Though he was a menace to farmers, over the years Mountain Bull gained admirers in Kenya and beyond. His refusal to alter his migration path became almost legendary. Conservationists struggled to find solutions that would protect farms as well as Mountain Bull and other destructive elephants like him. Eventually, they created a 28-kilometer corridor, including a bypass that affords elephants safe travel beneath Kenya’s Meru-Nanyuki highway — Africa’s first underpass for elephants.